Boundaries of Sight


Apenas pensamentos em inglês, deixem isso pra lá, ou não.

This is my first English post in here, don’t mind me. It is been a while that I don’t post anything, but I had to write this, if you came here, I’m just glad you did, and please leave a comment, the reason I stopped posting was not because of lack of views but the lack of someone to discuss those points of view.

I once heard from someone, I guess it was from Ricardo Cruz, I’m not sure, that was more or less like this “In Japan they have the same different world and culture curiosity we have about them”.  And that is a little bit of what I want to talk here, but this time not of the freedom and wonders, but a general analysis on the boundaries we make.

^ That is the reason Amon could block chakras btw.

I am a indie developer and I am also working on a book, my dream is to one day become a mangaka, and that term is really weird for anyone outside Japan to receive, even Korean mangas that are basically the same have a different name, mangk… mwank… you can look it up. Here we call “mangá”.

One day, many years ago, I was at a comic book event, listening to what a comic book artist (the one who does the sketches) had to say about him working for Marvel, it was quite an interesting story, really. At the ending of the lecture, he would calmly tell us some stories while giving advices to some new artists, while checking out their work, heck, some really skilled guy got even contacts for work! That is pretty awesome. But then, came my turn.

While I’m not particularly good at what I do, specially at the time despite having time, unlike now with all the code and text to write, I and another girl didn’t really were even worth the effort to him. He just passed by some pages not knowing what to say. He said… “Manga is just out of my área, there is no anatomy proportions or anything”.

captain fail

You were saying…?

I mean, I see you don’t have any good references (Naruto and Gantz are quite good at anatomy, I’ll give them that), but what the hell was that supposed to mean? Each artist in comics have a different style, Kick-Ass is not particularly realistic as I thought it could be, but I have a Spider-man comic cover where Spider has the waist of a girl despite the amazing colouring, spider-man ultimate isn’t all that brilliant in anatomy either, specially at the early years, and let’s not forget about the sacred most common super power.

But let’s get back to the subject… He told me another thing, he said that manga is for Japan, and Brazillians had no business there. At that exact moment, that came into my mind: “Said the Brazillian working for an American comic”. But what the hell was I supposed to say? The guy was respected in a whole room, he could just say “Yeah… not the point.” and I would be owned anyway.

The reason I’m speaking things like that is… like Gaijin Goombah says in his awesome video, it is not just a video game view, it is a cultural view, and a view not only from Japan alone. A case closer than home is the JRPG/Light RPG that you can totally see here and here, it is worth to check those out, and the logic “It came from USA and then was modified in Japan” is the same about Anime, Anime means Animation, but we don’t see as a style/genre, we see it as a location based thing.


Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt… is.

I mean… Seriously? You can check all the drama without flame wars on tv tropes, but… it doesn’t really make any sense to me. When I was a kid I watched something because it was cool, we didn’t know the world Anime, and to be fair, every animation for the Japanese is Anime, they tend to abbreviate a lot of foreigner words, later on we found out that the style came form a single place, but would you REALLY think that mattered when you were watching Avatar?

I’m not sure if I should follow on with the Japanese side, I have a lot to say, I planned to live there and I have friends that had a really harsh time there, so I know a lot of hilarious and sad stories, but if you want to get a taste of it, this is a light place to start.

Coming back to games, I’d like to talk about Assassin’s Creed… Yeah…

Says a game about China or Japan would be too mainstream, makes a game about pirates.

Coming back to games, this part here is more an assumption and a question. How well do western games do in Japan? I know that despite their big companies, the industry is kinda fragmented there, dating sims games seem to be released every month, of course they are mostly the same and cliche characters with no personality whatsoever (oops I said that out loud).

But, like the first quote in this post, I can’t see a reason why a game like Assassin’s creed wouldn’t sell well there, but… I have a feeling that Ubisoft has fear of investing in story times from Asia, I remember people asking (by the time 3 was going to launch) for an AC in feudal Japan or China, and Ubisoft said they had no plans on doing that, and it was too mainstream.

I find it really weird because… we kinda know about the pirates of the west indies, it is not particularly hard to find, but what can we find out about Asian pirates, is limited, and there are several points in time where this turned to be really epic (Watch Crash Course). And by the way, we have a 19 year old chinese girl that fights kung fu, was the last assassin to meet and learn something from Ezio Auditore, had to fight an emperor AND she has a hidden blade on the foot!

I just find it weird to not even consider it, there are several martial art styles and different weapons to use, not to mention I can’t see a better place to parkour than ancient China. Avatar followed Asian concepts and it worked very well (Korra’s plot aside).

And last… Digimon.

While pokémon to me is really late to the game on making things international and all, at least they try. But let’s talk about Digimon for a while, let’s list some stuff that it makes digimon so good if you’re a fan:

  1. It has several mangas and animes, in multiverses with begin, middle and end.
  2. They have epic OSTs.
  3. The games also follow the multiverse rule, and they have something more.

What confuses me is why Digimon doesn’t even try to get out Japan, Yu-gi-oh! does the same mistakes on not publishing the Anime in some countries, but the TCG is well and alive (not exactly balanced, but still). And… To be fair, digimon has a lot more to offer on this new era than pokémon. Calm down, calm down! I’m not saying one is better than the other but…

Firstly, Digimon is technology, just watch digimon tamers and see how much it fits the 80s and 90s technology of game world and how amazing it is, also, it is  multi-platform, forget the tcg for a while, they can make games for any console, they can make apps, they have MMOs, and they can just make some website with small mini-games or so. Remember, it is the same franchise that is part of tamagocchi, that cute little thing that asked for food and drived your teachers crazy. They know what to do if they want to.

One can wonder how awesome the potential of digimon is. Am I saying it is great right now? No! It is actually kinda dumb because it is pretty easy for them to get popular slowly. But they don’t know much what they wanted. You see, while Digimon Xross wasn’t announced, by the time Savers was still a thing, they decided to make the Digimon World Series a DS series, the games were fun and all but I personally have my doubts on how intelligent it is to go on the console that is basically to many just a machine made for you to exclusively play pokémon.

Then, they go and make Digimon Re:digitize, for psp followed by a nostalgia game of the first series, on how they wanted to go if they weren’t short on budget and had a limited number of episodes to go on, following a similar formula to the DW series and a little bit of the R:D, I mean, how awesome is that? It is perfect for the western audiences, old and new fans would learn a little bit.

You start thinking they’re up to something, I don’t know, at least for ps3 or something, it would be quite amazing to see a game on that, I mean, I remember as if it yes half an hour ago (not very well, then) that Metalgreymon sequence in 3d, it was the first time I saw 3d on an anime series, and it was AWESOME, imagine that remade on ps3 quality, even if it was pre rendered. Do you know how easy it is to make an animation like that on 3ds max? Not very hard if you’re a pro.

I heard they have plans for translating it but it is just a team for too many games, but while we wait… What do they do? They release a sequel on re:digitize, on the DS. I understand they directed their customers that they publish games for the DS on the last 6 years but still, there was no harm on making it a PSP series and another for the DS. They have absolutely no idea what to do, much less outside Japan.

This has become way too long, I’m sorry, and congratz if you’re still there. I want to finish saying that this is a problem that goes both ways, the same way Kishimoto and Akira Toriyama have basically no idea that their series were famous outside Japan, workers on any media don’t know what to do outside of it by lack of clues, but also by a lack of effort. Brazil is in second place (don’t mind the posers) with anime events and all according to Ricardo Cruz, and Jam Project and Flow are always coming to annual events, but the only way the fans here only knew something from manga, games, music and anime was through what the industry would call piracy, the fans call it “chase what you want”.

I sincerely don’t see Jump making a magazine here or elsewhere and it being successful because of their lack of tries, on the other hand, ask how many indies are trying to put their games or series on Japan or Korea, it is really hard, it is a shoot in the dark and maybe harder than a student that goes there for college. Still, it is funny how their efforts are better than the industry that actually has money to it.

I sincerely spent an hour or two thinking on what to write here while I’m waaaaay too sleepy, just to know what do you guys have to say about that, what would be a youtube comment turned into a 2000 words text. Sorry. So,  who do you think will break this boundary first?

As a final comment, I listen many gaijins talking on how many Japanese just come to them to speak English with them, and despite they find it annoying, I see it as a fair trade, there are some websites (no source here, sorry) that let you teach a bit of English in trade for some Japanese, and you make a lot of friends there. So that is a start.

Interest is a spark of curiosity, from code, books, cultures, body and mind, but society usually tries to wipe it out, it is the duty of the dreamers to be reflections of what they want to be and illuminate the path of those who want to walk by it.


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